With knowledge of various aspects of the modeling industry, Ami Orto has functioned as a runway, convention, and print model, as well as a spokesperson. In her capacity as a print model, Ami Orto wears and displays clothing for advertisements. Print model spreads appear in advertisements in magazines and newspapers, as well as on billboards. When participating in a print shoot, Ami Orto operates under the leadership of the photographer. They control the creative scope of the project, providing instructions and advice when necessary.

Editorial models such as Ami Orto need excellent communication skills in order to interpret the directions given to them throughout the shoot and to pose in a manner that best captures the photographer’s vision. As print models such as Ami Orto advance their careers, portfolios of their past work help them to land new jobs. Many print models conduct “go and sees,” in which they meet with designers and photographers for interviews regarding their skills. Portfolios serve as resumes, displaying the accomplishments and abilities of models such as Ami Orto. From those photos, designers and photographers gauge whether or not the model suits their creative and aesthetic purposes.

Ami Orto’s breadth of modeling experience has contributed to her portfolio and demonstrated her ability to model clothing in a variety of settings. Designers and photographers seek models who will effectively display their clothing. They hold models like Ami Orto in high regard due to their flexibility and range of experience.


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