Belly Dancing Movements Targeting Oblique Muscles

Las Vegas, Nevada, resident Ami Orto models, acts, and serves as a body double within the entertainment industry. Among her more visible appearances was portraying Cleopatra at Caesar’s Palace. Ami Orto also possesses a passion for belly dancing, an art form that helps maintain her fitness goals.

An alternative to traditional abdominal exercises, belly dancing targets core muscles to create appealing abs. Movements such as the rib slide and hip circle develop the oblique muscles that run up and down the sides of the rectus abdominus. Rib slides involve standing with the feet together and hands placed on the hips. While the rest of the body remains still, the ribs shift left to right. The motion flows in one line through the center of the torso.

The hip circle, which also sculpts the gluteal muscles, begins with a dancer standing with feet hip-width apart. With arms slightly lifted to the sides, she moves her hips in a circular motion. The goal is to mimic the same movement as hula-hooping. The dancer completes this motion in one direction and then switches to the opposite direction.


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