Tips for Runway Modeling

By Ami Julieanna Orto

About the Author: A longtime model and current entertainment professional in Las Vegas, Ami Julieanna Orto served as a runway modeling instructor for Hawaiian Tropic. During her time with the sunscreen company and modeling competition organizer, Ms. Orto taught beginners about the fundamentals of one of the most visible forms of modeling in the world.

A technical craft that contains many subtleties, runway modeling requires significant practice time before one acquires proficiency. Here are some tips to help beginning runway models improve their techniques.

Know your role: The purpose of a runway model is just that: modeling the clothes of the designer sponsoring the show. Keep in mind the type of garments you are wearing, what the designer was attempting to achieve with his or her outfits, and how you want to represent the clothes.

Mind the eyes: When you are walking down a runway, your eyes should be positioned straight ahead and focused on a spot far in the distance. Many runway models recommend picking a point on the back wall or several yards away. Whatever you do, do NOT look directly at the camera flashes surrounding you. The bright lights have the potential to blind you and prevent you from seeing where you are going.

Maintain good posture: In most cases, you want to keep your chin down when you are walking down the runway, as photographers and spectators will be sitting looking up at you. Stand up straight at all times. Keep your shoulders back and attempt to move them as little as possible as you walk.

Watch your arm movements: In terms of arm motion during a fashion show, men and women vary somewhat in their expectations. Organizers allow men’s arms to swing naturally as they walk. For women, a full arm swing is less desirable. Instead, attempt to keep your upper arms tight on the body and let the lower arms sway as you stroll.

Be confident and have fun: Above all else, confidence is the key to a successful career in runway modeling. Minor details may change from designer to designer, but if you take pride in your appearance and modeling technique, people will notice every time.


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